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General Affair Office
  File processing and task administration, treasury, file management
Legal Affairs and Planning Section
  Tax service, regulations and law education
Administrative remedy, fine, management of Cases of Tax Evasion Against Law
Property Tax Section
  Vehicle License Tax Subsection:
Collection of vehicle license tax
House Tax Subsection:
Collection of house tax and deed tax
Land Tax Section
  Land Value Tax Subsection:
Collection of farm tax and land value tax
Land Value Increment Tax Subsection:
Collection of land value increment tax
Taxation Management Section
  Internal inspection
Tax Overdue Subsection:
Execution of tax overdue
Amusement and Stamp Tax Subsection:
Collection of amusement tax and Stamp tax ,tax evasion investigation
transfer and release of tax payment, management of receipts and licenses, tax refund management and research, evaluation, audit, and verification.
Information Management Section
  Development, lectures and training, and guidance of application system, execution of system, file management, electronic filing and submission of electronic files
M Sever operation, control of information operation
Accounting Office
  A/P, A/R, and tax statistics
Personnel Office
  Organizational structure, job categorization, appointment and dismissal, civil service, simplifying job responsibilities, supervising temporary workers, reward, punishment, performance review, retirement, training, insurance, welfare, vacation arrangement
Ethics Office
  Public affairs confidentiality, security maintenance, investigation of civil service ethics, property filing of public servants
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