* General Affair Office
  File processing and task administration, treasury, file management
* Legal Affairs and Planning Section
  Tax service, regulations and law education
Administrative remedy, fine, management of Cases of Tax Evasion Against Law
* Property Tax Section
  Vehicle License Tax Subsection:
Collection of vehicle license tax
House Tax Subsection:
Collection of house tax and deed tax
* Land Tax Section
  Land Value Tax Subsection:
Collection of farm tax and land value tax
Land Value Increment Tax Subsection:
Collection of land value increment tax
* Taxation Management Section
  Internal inspection
Tax Overdue Subsection:
Execution of tax overdue
Amusement and Stamp Tax Subsection:
Collection of amusement tax and Stamp tax ,tax evasion investigation
transfer and release of tax payment, management of receipts and licenses, tax refund management and research, evaluation, audit, and verification.
* Information Management Section
  Development, lectures and training, and guidance of application system, execution of system, file management, electronic filing and submission of electronic files
M Sever operation, control of information operation
* Accounting Office
  A/P, A/R, and tax statistics
* Personnel Office
  Organizational structure, job categorization, appointment and dismissal, civil service, simplifying job responsibilities, supervising temporary workers, reward, punishment, performance review, retirement, training, insurance, welfare, vacation arrangement
* Ethics Office
  Public affairs confidentiality, security maintenance, investigation of civil service ethics, property filing of public servants
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