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Anti-corruption authorities

Anti-corruption authorities

I Prosecute – Corruption Prosecution Line
  Nowadays, you may prosecute corruption and omission of public servants by a simple phone call. Your prosecution will be kept fully confidential. Once you properly sign your name and your prosecution has been testified and adjudicated guilty by courts, you will have a chance to earn a maximum reward of NTD 6 million. Please call 02-23167586 to prosecute corruption and omission (Evil practices still exist. If you bully me then I will prosecute you.) – "I Prosecute"- Corruption prosecution line of the Ministry of Justice
rosecution for conduct and discipline and tax dodging of tax collectors
Items that Revenue Service Office, Taitung County, handles prosecution concerning civil service ethics:


Suspicion of planning to make money, straining laws, corruption and bribes


Acceptance of entertainment invitation or receipt of gifts by using the authority of office


Illegal lobbying


Omission and error of taxation implementation, and inefficient administration


Assuming the identity of a tax collector to bluff and deceive


Violation of regulations of confidentiality set forth in Article 33 of the Tax Collection Act


Violation of regulations of the Government Procurement Act


Other affairs related to tax conduct and discipline and suggestions to establishment and revolution of civil service ethics
Special line for prosecution of corruption and illegitimacy
Fax No. for prosecution of civil service ethics:
Mailbox for prosecution of civil service ethics:
Taitung P.O. Box No. 95
Please describe specific matters (the course of events, transgression, omission and the ways of proof) in detail, attach relevant evidence and documents, and directly mail to the Ethics Office, Revenue Service Office, Taitung County, located at No. 729, Section 2, Jhongsing Road, Taitung City (95065).
You are welcome to provide the quality of behavior concerning probity and honesty of tax collectors to us.

It is our responsibility to prosecute tax dodging. Please call Special line for prosecution of tax dodging:089-232132
  In case of prosecution with accuser's signature, when the prosecution has been ferreted out, the accuser may, in accordance with the regulations of the Rules for Reward Distribution of Fine, receive 20% of the fine imposed on the legal case, provided that the maximum reward for each legal case is NTD4.8 million.
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