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  "Plant the field and see the hope." Dedication and persistence are our goal; harmony and happiness are our hope. We will blend innovation and efficiency into our service to outperform ourselves and improve service quality for the realization of a harmonious tax environment.
Introduction to Taitung County
  Taitung County is the third largest county in Taiwan. Taitung is a mountainous county with the Central mountains on the west and the Coast mountains on the central north. From the plains to the mountains and from the ocean to offshore islands, Taitung County has a beautiful natural landscape including tropical, temperate, and frigid vegetation. Due to the isolation from the mountains and oceanic currents, the temperature in Taitung County is above 22℃ on average for over eight months of the year.

Therefore, Taitung is known as the hometown of the Sun. In addition to the mountain landscape, the Taitung coastline is 176km long with many coastal harbors; therefore, the whale ecosystem tour activity and Green Island and Orchid Island tropical tourist spots have helped make Taiung an interesting oceanic tour. Taitung County has rich aborginal culture that can be dated back all the way to the Paleolithic Age. The cultural remains include Changpin Culture, Chilin Culture, and Peinan Culture with over 100~200 cultural remains discovered and many yet to be discovered. It is indeed a treasury in the cultural history of Taiwan. Day Lily flowers, Fu-Lu tea, Phalaenopsis, Chu-Lu milk, and chewy Chihshang rice can be found only in Taitung County. Taitung County is a great place that you shouldn't miss!
Introduction to Taitung City
  Taitung City is in the heart of Taitung County and it is the center of railway, public road, sea and air traffic. There are the tourist spots of Siaoyeliou, forest park, Pipa Lake, Seaside park, Liyu Mountain, Peinan cultural park, National museum of prehistory, and Sinyuan community in Taitung City. There are also the tourist spots of Jiadong green tunnel, Shanyuan Beach, LiGiYeh world, Little Yellow Mountain, Chulu Pasture, Hong Yen Hot Spring, and Jhihben hot spring and Forest Recreation Area outside Taitung City.

We would like to suggest you take the route of Hualien-Taitung coastline northwards in order to enjoy the ocean view from "Water running up" and Jinzun anchor-shaped land-tied island, Donghe Bridge Taiyuan Valley, Chenggong Aquarium, Sansiantai, Shihyusan (Stone Umbrella), Wushihbi, Changbin cultural remains, Sian Cave (Eight Immortals Cave), Changhong Bridge, and all the way to Hualien to enjoy the oceanic ambience.

You can also take the route of Hualien-Taitung valley and pass through Bunun Tribe, Gaotai tourist tea farm, Guanshan River Park, Chihshang pond, Chihshang ranch cottage, Lidao, and Wukou to enjoy the mountain and plain views. The south-bound highway on the south of Taitung City also allows you to explore nature and enjoy a hot spring trip to Taimali Jihjhen Mountain, Jinlun hot spring, Bilu hot spring, Jinlong lake, Pigsty ranch, and Da-wu Mountain nature reserve. You may also take a boat or an airplane to Orchid Island and Green Island to enjoy secluded island life.
Eatery in Taitung

Lao-Dung-Jia Rice Noodles
Address: No. 137, Jheng-Ci Road, Taitung City

Product features:

Rice noodles are made of pure long rice and it is thin and chewy with a great taste. The founder of Lao-Dung-Jia creates dry fish flakes for the rice noodles to replace the sliced meat, which goes bad easily if kept for a long time. The great dish of rice noodles is delicious and is a cultural eatery promoted by Taitung County.


Dong-He Bun
Address: No. 395, Nandunghe, Dung-He Village, Taitung County
  (Across street from Dung-He Police Station)

Product features:

The good smell, chewy, and free-of-chemical bun skin; also, the homemade stuffing of buns are the tradition insisted on by Dung-He Bun. The juicy pork stuffing, properly sweet red bean stuffing, tasty peanut butter stuffing, and fine and bouncy steamed loaf will keep your mouth watering. Moreover, special items are promoted to surprise you from time to time.


Bei-Nan Bun

Address: No. 4, lane 132, Geng-sheng N. Road, Bei-Nan Li, Taitung City  (In the alley next to Bei-Nan Farmer Supermarket)


(089) 231-455

Product features:

There are pork buns, vegetable buns, and bamboo shoot buns (they sell over one thousand buns a day. Suggestion: Eat the pork bun first, then vegetable bun and then bamboo shoot bun). Bei-Nan bun is sold starting from 15:00 and will be sold out before 18:00… anyone loving the buns should hurry up for the purchase.


Sin-Bei-Dou hotpot
Address: No. 60, Sec. 3, Sih-Wei Road, Taitung City

Product features:

Sin-Bei-Dou hotpot restaurant has been in business for over thirty years with a unique recipe of soup and satay sauce and barbeque sauce offered. The soup is made of fish, barbeque sauce, spiced cabbage, and bones that taste absolutely delicious. Satay sauce is made with fish, garlic, extreme hot seasoning, chili powder, and spices. The store is fully booked everyday in winter.


Breakfast King
Address; No. 242, Jheng-Ci Road, Taitung City

Product features:

Bean milk is rich and delicious, baked wheat cake, steamed bread, Fried bread stick, and pies are made at the scene.


Bei-Nan Pig Blood Soup
Address: No. 7, Geng-Sheng N. Road, Taitung City

Product features:

1.Soft and chewy at the same time, Pig blood soup is known as black tofu to foreigners.

2.Pig blood soup with chopped leek is delicious and tasty. 

3.Pig blood soup is good for lungs and intestines.

4.The soft and tasty black tofu soup is good for teeth that it is unlike the usual pig blood.


Jin-Fang Ice City
Address: No. 358, Jheng-Ci Road, Taitung City

Product features:

Clean, healthy, good ingredients and a fair price are what Jin-Fang Ice City offers. Popsicles are made in many flavors, of which Mr. Chingjui Chen, the business owner, invented "salty popsicle" that is made of duck egg yolk, walnuts, and almonds. The salty Popsicle has a mild taste and is sweet and salty, which you can't find elsewhere. The Juice is made fresh with 100% pure milk that tastes great.


Shan-Yuan Chen-Ji Rice Cake
Address: No. 166, Bo-Ai Toad, Taitung City

Product features:

"Sun-Yuan Chen-Gi Rice Cake" is now run by the third generation of the family. The rice cake is handmade in a traditional way and with the use of Chihshang rice glue and without any preservatives, softener, and prepared in three flavors including red bean, green bean, and peanut butter. The peanut butter stuffing is stir fried with sea sand which helps bring out the natural flavor of the peanut and it does not have a greasy taste. The product is made fresh and sold on the same day without any leftovers. The rice cake can be stored in the freezer for two weeks and still tastes good, chewy, and soft after defrosting.


Three Sisters Rice Noodle Store

Address: at the intersection of Sih-Wei Road and Jhong-Hua Road  (On the side of Sih-Wei market)

Product features:

The Three Sisters Rice Noodle Store offers homemade balls and unique rice noodles that you won't forget.

Guidelines for the enforcement and awards of the incentive proposal of Revenue Service Office, Taitung County


It is to be processed in accordance with the instructions of the Chief Direct-General in the fourth Public Service Innovative Measures Seminar of this Office.



According to "Administrative Measures Law" Article No. 152 and No. 154, people may make a proposal for the stipulation of laws; also, they may have opinions on the regulations drafted up by administration. In order to encourage citizens to take part in tax reformation, the proposals and recommendations of citizens on the tax law and performance of this Office will be rewarded once it is accepted for enforcement.






Place the "Citizens Recommendations Records" at the service counter of this Office, Taitung County Service Center, Township Service Center, and with Internet service set up for the use of citizens and then forwarded to the service center of this Office, Taitung County Service Center, and Township service counter for the process of Revenue Service Section.


Review and approval

Revenue Service Section is to have cases forwarded to each office and section in accordance with the nature of the proposals and recommendations of citizens. The proposals and recommendations of citizens are to be awarded upon the approval of the Chief Direct-General.



The medals and gifts are to be distributed to the citizens with proposals and recommendations accepted or to be awarded in public and to be awarded in person by the competent authority.

  The Guidelines are to be enforced with the approval of Chief Direct-General. The amendment of the Guidelines is to be enforced with the approval of the Chief Direct-General.
Citizen's Recommendations Record



File No.






Expected process


Name of proposer















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