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* Revenue Service Office, Taitung County - Organization and Job Responsibilities

Property Tax Section

Electronic Operation Section


Land Value Tax Subsection

Farm tax, land value tax, and construction beneficial tax levy.
Land Value Increment Tax


Subsection :Land value increment tax levy


House Tax Subsection :House tax and deed tax levy


System Execution Subsection:

The development of applied system, seminar training and council, system execution, and file management and filing.


Machine Control Subsection:

Electronic Operation planning, data management, operation control, and material management and archive management; also, server operation, registration process, machine maintenance and repair, programming, media files management, and security control.

Industrial and Commercial Tax Section

General Affair Office


Vehicle License Tax Subsection:

Vehicle license tax levy

Amusement and Stamp Tax



Entertainment tax and stamp tax levy; Tax evasion and evading duty tax investigation


Archive management, affairs management, cashier, and file management.

Revenue Service Section

Accounting Office


Revenue Service Subsection:

Revenue Service Subsection: Revenue service, tax education, and law propaganda.

Violation Case Management


Subsection:Investigating tax evasion and duty evasion and tax administrative measures.


Funds accounting, tax levy accounting, and tax statistics.

Taxation Management Section

Personnel Office


Tax Overdue Subsection:

Delinquent tax collection and enforcement; also, participating tax distribution of court

Research and Evaluation


Management Subsection:Tax levy plan, research and development and control evaluation, archive examination, tax money distribution and release, tax refund, and cancellation.


Organizational structure, employment and discharge, auditing, performance evaluation, award and punishment, training discharge and consolation, insurance, welfare, and business leave and leave permission management.


Ethics Office



Internal affairs evaluation, maintaining facilities' safety, and public affairs confidentiality.

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