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Services available to citizens

Multi-functional information desk:
  The following services will be processed and completed in three minutes upon the request of citizens and with the supporting document submitted accordingly.

General tax information service

Property ownership information nationwide

House tax code information

Creditors check the property information of debtors

House tax information and/or tax ID information

Account transfer and tax information and application

House tax present value certification and information

Land value tax levy information

House tax levy remittance form re-issuance

Land present value information

Land value tax levy remittance form re-issuance

Tax refund information

Delinquent house tax information and remittance form re-issuance

Delinquent land value tax information and remittance form re-issuance

Current land value tax or house tax remittance certificate

Land value tax paid with account transfer

Land value increment tax entitled to the preferential self-occupied house tax information

House tax paid with account transfer

Income information online check nationwide

  In addition to the aforementioned nineteen functions, more services are provided in accordance with the addition of computer facilities for better and more comprehensive information service.(Supporting document is to be presented for the aforementioned services. Please feel free to collect the Handbook).
Over the counter service:
House tax, land value tax, and Land value increment tax are with the “over the counter” process that is processed in accordance with the principle of “first come first serve” and “one-stop service.”
Handicapped vehicle license tax is processed “over the counter” in accordance with the principle of “one-stop service.”
Handicapped vehicle license tax is processed “over the counter” in accordance with the principle of “one-stop service.”

House tax “over the counter” service:
  Tax law information
  Tax payment procedure information
  House tax I.D. information
  House present value information
  House tax remittance form re-issuance
  House usage change application
  Taxpayer’s name change
  Tax remittance form address change

Land value tax “over the counter” service:
  Tax law information
  Tax payment procedure information
  Land value tax I.D. information
  Taxation list
  Land value tax remittance form re-issuance
  Land data application
  Remittance form mailing address update

Land value increment tax “over the counter” service:
  Land present value filing
  Land value increment tax remittance form (tax exemption certificate)
  Has land value increment tax been processed with the self-occupied house privilege tax rate?
  Trial balance of land value increment tax
  Price index of land value increment tax
  Land present value information
  Information and examination of land present value application and supporting document
  Law and information of land value increment tax
  Case processing schedule of land present value filing
  Other information
  Application form
  Information and examination of application form

Vehicle license tax “over the counter” service:
  Delinquent vehicle license tax information
  Vehicle license tax remittance form re-issuance
  Vehicle license tax refund application
  Vehicle license tax exemption application
  Vehicle license tax handicapped tax exemption application
  Handicapped vehicle tax exemption information
  Mailing address update of vehicle license taxpayer
Provide diversified service through the “Internet”:
  Updated tax information, online tax trial balance, online application, forum, e-tax, and MSN information can be acquired through the Internet ( service whenever and wherever you are. Please remember that our service is available “at your fingertips.”
Please send us your suggestions through E-mail ( and please link to the government’s website for data search and convenient and modern service. 
24-hour hotline services and I.D. photocopy service:
We can be reached from throughout the nation at the toll free number 0800-826969 around the clock and 0800-086969 toll-free smart online number of the Revenue Service Office nationwide. You can call and leave us a message outside office hours and we will get back to you first thing upon our return to office.
In addition to the payphone installed at the front gate of the office by the Telecommunications, you can also use the toll-free phone at our service center for easy service.
We will make a photocopy of your supporting documents free of charge at our service center.
Voicemail service:
For an easy tax information service, please call our toll-free No. 0800-422669 around the clock to reach our tax database.
The #231874 voicemail service hotline is made available to provide ” Land value increment tax filing and processing information” around the clock.
Diversified tax payment channels: (Vehicle license tax, house tax, and land value tax)
Pay in cash:
Cash payment can be made to the Collections of financial institutes; also, Credit Department of Farmer Association.
Pay through account transfer:
Account transfer payment can be made through the bank account of taxpayer, taxpayer’s spouse, and/or taxpayer’s dependents.
ATM payment:

Taxpayer may have tax payment (land value tax, house tax, and vehicle license tax) made through the 348 ATM machines of the Bank of Taiwan, Taipei Fubon Bank, and the Bank of Kaohsiung nationwide; however, overdue or deferred tax may not be made through this channel.

ATM tax payment, 24-hour tax payment service is provided for the purpose of convenience and free handling charge; moreover it is easy and resource-saving.

Operating procedure
  Insert the card (finacial cards)
  Key in password
  Select service
  Select transfer payment
  Key in account Numbers then Enter
  Key in Amount of payment then Enter
  Key in the Deadline of payment then Enter
  Review Data confirmed (payment category ,payment amount, personal data….)if there are any mistakes, please enter ”clear” and Repeat step 3 to step 8.
  ”Transfer processing ”,”The balance remaining” on the screen and then please remove the card and the receipt.

Online tax payment:
  Financial chip card
Tax payers may apply for the issue of a financial chip card with your deposit bank.
Confirm whether your deposit bank is one of the online banks providing online tax payment service by financial chip card.
Install a card reader for chip cards on your PC or notebook.
Please refer to the User Manual for Tax Payment by Financial Chip Card for businesses such as tax payment.
(Please access the “Operation” area at to refer to the manual)
Transaction completed. Users will receive a transaction receipt.
Tax payers apply for online tax payment with their bank.
After the bank has approved the application, the bank will provide information including E-Wallet, user manual, online deposit account no., certificate for application for identification data, etc.
After the bank has approved the application, the bank will provide information including E-Wallet, user manual, online deposit account No., certificate for application for identification data, etc.
After the installation of E-Wallet and confirmation of your successful internet connection, you can apply for a certificate online.
First go to CA to apply for a certificate, which is counted as one operation. That means once a certificate is successfully applied for each deposit account, transactions can be carried out with that certificate within the effective period of the certificate.
After getting the certificate, please refer to the User Manual for E-Wallet for transactions such as tax payment.
Transaction completed. Users will receive a transaction receipt.
  Tax payment made with credit card:
(Tax payment is to be made with the credit card of the taxpayer or the business owner including handling charge)
Voicemail payment: Area code is for 7-digit and 8-digit, please dial 412-6666 or 412-111, service code is 166#, and please key in data according to the instructions of the voicemail.
Online payment: Lock on and key in data according to the instructions on screen.
  Tax payment made with voicemail account transfer:
Taxpayer may have the house tax that is starting in May, land value tax levy in November, and vehicle license tax levy in April and October paid with taxpayer’s savings account through voicemail except for overdue or deferred tax.
  Tax payment made through convenient store:
Family Mart, Niko Mart, Hi-Life, OK Mart, and 7-11 have been contracted to collect house tax, vehicle license tax, and land value tax since 2004.

Supervisor’s mobilizing management and service at the counter:
  In order to provide the best service to citizens, supervisors are rotated to perform duty at the service counter, to provide service to citizens voluntarily, and to offer proper assistance that make citizens feel differently, friendly, and warmly.

Help file for tax exemption/reduction upon the occurrence of disaster:
  House tax: House that is 30%~50% ruined in a disaster is entitled to a 50% house tax off; house that is over 50% ruined in a disaster is entitled to house tax exemption and it must be filed within thirty days from the day of occurrence.
  Land tax: Land that cannot be used due to environmental restrain including landslide, land caved in, land loss, and sand press and technical issues is entitled to tax exemption.
  Vehicle license tax: For motorcycles above 151CC and automobiles that are out of order temporarily or permanently, please report to the Motor Vehicle Office for registration suspension or cancellation and then apply to Taitung County for the refund of vehicle license tax paid.
  Rated amusement tax: Business that is suspended or affected by disasters may apply to have tax reduced for the number of non-business days.

Promoting usher system:
    Promote mobilizing usher service. Volunteers of the Office are rotated to be the ushers at the gate of the Office to help citizens voluntarily.

Set up aborigines, foreigners, senior citizens, and handicapped service counter:
    There are 78,826 aborigines (32% of total population) in Taitung County. Some senior citizens in Taitung County do not speak much Mandarin; therefore, staffs that speak native language are arranged to provide service. The service counter is set up to provide foreigners with a friendly service environment. There are also service counters set up to help senior citizens, handicapped, and citizens who are with minors.

Computers are provided for visitors to check data online for free.

For the refund of vehicle license tax that is for an amount less than NT$6,000, the tax can be refunded with cash to the applicant in person.

Provide the depression examination table at the service counter for the use of citizens.
Please answer the following questions according to your physical and mental condition in the past week.



None or very few (less than one day a week)


(1-2 days)

Frequently (3-4 days)

Frequently or always (5-7 days)


I feel like crying all the time


I am in a bad mode


I am irritated easily now


I don't sleep well


I have lost my appetite


I have a chest pain all the time (can't breath)


I am not relaxed and not comfortable (not happy)


I am weak, fatigued, and powerless (I don't feel good, no strength, energy, and willpower)


I am feeling annoyed


I have a short memory


I cannot concentrate on what I am doing


I am slower in thinking or doing things than what I was before


I am not as confident as I was


I am pessimistic


I can't think things through and want to die


I have lost interest in all things


I don't feel good physically (headache, dizziness, heartache, and stomachache)


I feel useless


(Authorization: National Science Council, Tai-hui-tsung-san-tzu No. 0930052121 Letter dated November 17, 2004)

“None or very few: .................... 0 point

“Frequently” .......................... 2 points

“Sometimes” ......................... 1 point

“Frequently or always” ........... 3 points

The final score of the aforementioned 18 questions is the status of your emotions.
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