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Taitung is the hometown of nature; it is long and narrow geographically with mountains behind it and the sea in the front. Central Mountains and Coast Mountains penetrate Taitung with Hsiukuluan River on the north within the confines of Hualien, Da-Wu Mountain on the south within the confines of Pintung, and the Pacific Ocean on the east. Taitung is within the confines of sea and mountain and with two islands, Orchid Island and Green Island, at a distance offshore. It is the most beautiful park in the backyard of Formosa Island. The landscape of Taitung has mountains, valleys, plains, and coastlines that are 176km vertically and stretch to 231km including Orchid Island and Green Island offshore. Taitung County is has an area of 3,515km2 that is 10% of Taiwan and it is the third largest county in Taiwan with a population of 242,393 persons in sixteen administrative districts.
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