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Improve service quality with care in mind when handling the business of taxation and create a harmonious environment for both tax collectors and payers.
  The computer counter, toll free city calls, reading glasses of different degrees, stationery and writing tables and chairs are provided to the public in the taxpayers' reception center. A neat, tidy, green and pleasant environment is built through the "5S movement". The service with "smile, friendliness, and politeness" represents a caring and warm environment. Research, innovation and improvement of the imposition process and the simplification of operational procedures are constantly being undertaken. Information technology is used to improve the efficiency of tax imposition and to gain the trust and support from taxpayers.
Build a brand new information platform of local tax
  To follow the program of an information platform for local taxes of the Ministry of Finance, the host for handling local taxation has been replaced. People may make inquiries and the issuing of certificates will be across counties, cities, and government organizations.
Promote the concept of "roads to be replaced by the Internet" to accelerate the implementation of e-government
  The coverage of on-line service offering great convenience to the people and the application items are constantly extended for comprehensive service. The website of the Office is reestablished to provide various information service offering great service to the people and two-way communication. In addition, an English version, zero-barrier webpage is added on the website.
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